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5th PATA Days in Busan, Korea, will start on Sunday

It’s only a few days until the 5th PATA Days will start in Busan, Korea. This International INQUA Meeting on Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics and Archeoseismology is the first one to be held in Asia, and I am really excited. The organizers have put together an amazing program. After the icebreaker party on Sunday in the New Malden Pub we will go for a pre-meeting field trip on 22 September. Heading to Korea’s east coast, we will have a look at Quaternary terraces and nuclear power plant sites. The main part of the meeting (23rd and 24th) is dedicated to more than 25 talks on Earthquake Geology, Paleoseismology, Archeoseismology, Active Tectonics, and Seismic Hazard, flanked by poster sessions. Finally, the post-meeting field trip will lead us to active faults in SE Korea and archeoseismological sites.

The program is available for download here (PDF, 6.5 MB). You will also find useful information on travel and venue as well as the organizers’ contact details.

The last days have been quite busy not only for Jin-Hyuck and the local organizing committee, but also for everyone who was writing and reviewing the short papers that will be included in the conference proceedings. We have 40 contributions from more than 15 countries – a big thank you for your help!

Now that I am preparing for the meeting I found some important information that might be useful for you:

  • 1000 WON are currently about 0.96USD, 0.59GBP, or 0.75 EUR.
  • The Korean Soju is the world’s best selling spirit. The legal age for drinking is 19.
  • The Korean beer market appears to be more or less split between two major companies, Hite-Jinro and OB, and much of the local beer is made from rice. The most popular beers are Hite, Cass, and OB Lager.
  • The weather is expected to be hot and sunny! The latest forecast that I’ve seen promised 26°C on Sunday.
  • There have been five earthquakes with magnitudes >5 in Korea since 1978. The chance to experience an earthquake during the PATA Days is rather low.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, we will keep you updated during the meeting.

See you all in Busan!


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