4th PATA days Aachen 2013 – Deadline for registration approaching

Dear colleagues,

the 4th International INQUA meeting on Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics and Archeoseismology (PATA days) will take place from 9 – 15 October, 2013 in Aachen, Germany. Deadline for registration and abstract submission is (4 pages extended abstracts) 15 July 2013.

We invite you to register and submit extended abstracts to the following sessions:

  • Paleoseismology
  • Archeoseismology and Earthquake Archeological Effects (EAE)
  • Tsunamis and Paleotsunamis
  • Earthquake Triggered Mass Movements
  • Earthquakes, Earthquake Environmental Effects and Cascading Effects
  • Society, Communication, Critical Facilities and Seismic Hazard Assessment
  • Special session on Slow Active Faults

Thematic excursions will be held at the first and last days of the meeting.

The last three meetings in Spain (2009), Greece (2011), and Mexico (2012) brought together more than 250 international scientists from earthquake geology and all neighbouring disciplines. During the Aachen 2013 meeting we will deepen international international collaboration, we will discuss the road map of our discipline and we will throw the points of future initiatives.

  • Costs: 180 EUR (excl. hotels and excursions)
  • Deadline for registration and abstract submission (4 pages extended abstracts): 15 July 2013

Please visit http://www.pata-days.org/ for further information.

We are looking forward to seeing you in October!


PS: If you are interested in the 2011 and 2012 meetings, here are two videos:


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Christoph Grützner

Christoph Grützner

works at the Institute of Geological Sciences, Jena University. He likes Central Asia and the Mediterranean and looks for ancient earthquakes.

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