2 PhD scholarships in Poznan, Poland: ‘Recognition of traces left by earthquakes in Pleistocene sediments affected by glacio-isostatic rebound in the Baltic Sea Basin

Our colleague Małgorzata Pisarska-Jamroży from Poznan, Poland, has two PhD positions to fill at her department. The two scholarship offers address researchers interested in her project “Recognition of traces left by earthquakes in Pleistocene sediments affected by glacio-isostatic rebound in the Baltic Sea Basin“. Closing date is 23 August 2016, 16:00. Here are the details:


Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences, Institute of Geology – Poznań, Poland


Scholarship in National Science Centre (NCN) funded project: “Recognition of traces left by earthquakes in Pleistocene sediments affected by glacio-isostatic rebound in the Baltic Sea Basin”

Requirements and conditions of the call

  • Students of the last year of graduate studies (ending with Master of Science degree), PhD students or graduates in Earth sciences (geology, geography, geophysics or related field); applicants who have MSc, or PhD students from departments other than the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (WNGiG AMU), must also be PhD students at the WNGiG AMU in order to apply for the scholarship
  • Ability of analytical thinking and problems solving,
  • Skills necessary in team work,
  • Knowledge on theories and scientific research methods used in the field of sedimentology, glacial geology, Quaternary geology and neotectonics,
  • Ability to conduct physically demanding field work,
  • Fluency in English,
  • Diligence and ambition


  • The main task is to conduct PhD on refining the criteria for the recognition of glaciation-related seismites; extending the knowledge about the formation of soft-sediment deformation structures due to seismic shocks;
  • Participation in the project through lab assistance, field works, organization of internal meetings and workshops,
  • Presentation the results on scientific conferences,
  • Preparation and co-management of scientific records,
  • Participation in preparation of scientific publications,
  • Participation in the preparation of yearly reports

Funding from National Science Center (NCN) Poland programme: OPUS – ST10

Closing date

  • 23 August 2016, 16:00

Form of application

  • via mail (prof. UAM dr hab. Małgorzata Pisarska-Jamroży, Instytut Geologii UAM, ul. Maków Polnych 16, 61-606 Poznań, Poland, with postscript „GREBAL 2”) or e-mail: pisanka@amu.edu.pl with „GREBAL 2” in the title)

Employment conditions

Period of employment: 33 months (since October, 2016). The payment takes the form of a scholarship
Scholarship PLN 2,600 per month.

Required documents

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Personal questionnaire (‘kwestionariusz osobowy’) http://wngig.amu.edu.pl/dla-kandydata/dla-kandydata/studia-doktoranckie
  • Copy of diploma of higher education or confirmation from University (concern students of the last semesters of studies)
  • Opinion of the master thesis supervisor and of research manager of the prior scientific projects if applicable
  • List of publications and awards arising from academic research, scholarships, awards and research experience gained outside your home research unit in the country or abroad, workshops and scientific training, participation in research projects
  • Proof of knowledge of English

Selected candidates will be invited for an interview in English or Polish.

Please include the statement: “I consent to the processing of my personal data for the needs of the recruitment process (in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection dated 29.08.1997 Dz. U. Nr 133, Poz. 883).”

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