Sessions paleoseismologists might like at EGU2014

The EGU2014 will take place from 27 April – 2 May, 2014 in Vienna, Austria. The call for abstracts is open and submission deadline is 16 January, 2014. So it’s time to start thinking about which sessions would be interesting – not only for presenting own work, but also for listening to great talks. Here’s a list of sessions that a paleoseismologist could find interesting:

Sessions pretty closely related to paleoseismology

Not exactly paleoseismological, but also interesting

  • Earthquake ground-motion – Source, site and path effects (SM2.3/SSS7.18)
  • Lithosphere dynamics, intraplate deformation, and sedimentary basins – in memory of P. Ziegler (GD1.2/SM6.1/SSP3.2.1/TS6.6)
  • Present-day kinematics and tectonics of the Mediterranean Region: Implications for geodynamics and earthquake potential (TS7.5/G6.5/GD6.8/SM6.3)
  • Extreme seismic hazard and disaster risk (NH4.1)
  • Large Earthquake and Tsunami Activity (SM2.1/NH4.7)
  • Transpressional/Transtensional deformation at oblique tectonic settings (TS1.2/GD7.9)
  • Deformation of Earth and Planetary Materials between Fracture and Creep (TS2.2/EMRP4.11)
  • Advances in paleostress/strain reconstructions in tectonic studies: methods, applications, perspectives (TS2.4)
  • Mechanical properties of the middle to lower crust: strain localization and the interplay between brittle and ductile behaviour (TS3.2/EMRP4.4/GD7.7)
  • Tectonics, surface processes and sedimentation: interactions and feedbacks from mountain belt to basins (TS4.1/GM3.3/SSP3.2.6)
  • Sedimentary basins and the geodynamic record (TS4.3/GD5.9/GM3.8/SSP3.2.7)
  • Capturing a Salt Giant: causes, processes and impacts of the Messinian Salinity Crisis in the Mediterranean realm (TS4.4/OS2.7/SSP3.2.8)
  • Climate, Tectonics and Earth Surface processes (GM3.1/GD1.4/TS4.5)
  • Intermontane basins: key sites for multidisciplinary approaches to decrypt tectonically active landscapes (GM3.2/GD5.10/TS4.6)
  • Digital Landscapes: Insights into geomorphological processes from geomorphological mapping (GM2.3/GMPV66/NH3.17/TS4.8)
  • Seafloor- and Subseafloor Expression of Tectonic and Geomorphic Processes (GM8.2/SSP3.2.3/TS4.9)

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