Paleoseismicity t-shirts for sale!

Good news for every paleoseismologist who still needs a Christmas present: You can buy a nice black t-shirt! Or two. Or three. Well, they might not arrive on time when you live outside the EU… However, we have black shirts with our logo in three different colors – white, blue, and orange. Available sizes are M, L, and XL (no size S left, sorry, but the M is rather small). If you are interested, drop a mail to and ask for prices and shipping costs. I will ship them as soon as possible!
This is what they look like: t-shirts
They are good and beautiful. Really.

And this what you could look like:

Well, you might look even better…

The geology shoes are much nicer I have to admit, but I guess they are way more expensive, too. For other geo-related gifts make sure to read Matt Hall’s posts

If you like black t-shirts, but prefer bits and bytes instead of magnitudes and intensities, then have a look at and their spreadshirt shop.


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