Latest papers on paleoseismology, active tectonics, archaeoseismology, and tsunamis

In case you need a good read for your summer holidays, here are the latest papers on paleoseismology and related fields. Today including a IAEA TecDoc about paleoseismology, an early paper on the Gorkha quake, coral paleoseismology, some tectonic geomorphology in Spain, clastic dykes, and tectonic uplift of an island in Chile. Enjoy!

Paleoseismology of Utah

Apart from these papers you should check out the Paleoseismology of Utah Series, which now contains 23 publications on trenching and paleo-earthquake studies in Utah. It’s THE source of information for seismic hazard assessments, and due to the huge amount of work done there also a great dataset for comparative studies. Thanks to Bill Lund for the link.

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  1. Not sure if it was alrady posted, but this paper “Geologic and structural controls on rupture zone fabric: A fieldbased study of the 2010 Mw 7.2 El Mayor–Cucapah earthquake surface rupture” by Terán&others in Geosphere (11) 4, doi:10.1130/GES01078.1 contains a bunch of field data related to surface ruptures , nicely described and organized.

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