Small tsunami hits Solomon coast – M8 earthquake and fifty aftershocks

In the last twelve hours, a series of major earthquakes struck the Santa Cruz Islands. Beginning with the activation of a thrust fault with a M8.0 (M7.9) earthquake, almost fifty aftershocks hit the region. A regional tsunami warning was released short six minutes after the first quake at 1:12 UTC and has now been cancelled.

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Wanderlust (1) – Magaro Peak

Sitting in an office after sunset and browsing any kind of Earth Explorer makes a lot of people think about lovely places far away. We geoscientists are in a quite comfortable stuation with field trips and meetings all over the world. But maybe sometimes there are thoughts about places you haven’t been to. I would like to introduce this section as a suggestion for your next holiday or even field trip with bits and pieces of culture, scenery and geology. Continue reading “Wanderlust (1) – Magaro Peak”

Corinth 2011 workshop has started!

After the arrival (thanks to Christoph for the shuttle!) and a very nice opening dinner yesterday the first key note lectures have been held this morning.

Dimitrios Papanikolaou introduced the Hellenic Arc system and talked about plate scale-geometries and active movements.

Poster session 1: Tom Rockwell in front of his poster (Tsang et al.)

Jim McCalpin held a very interesting talk about using Lidar in dense forests in Alaska to detect neotectonic movements which surely would be a great method for Europe, too!

Eldon Gath presented a study dealing with three-dimensional fault rupture interpretation.

Right now it’s time for the first poster session. We’re directly at the beach, it’s almost 30°C, sunny and a smooth breeze chills our science-filled minds.