6th Int’l Colloquium Historical earthquakes & paleoseismology, 24-26 Oct, 2018, Han-sur-Lesse (BEL)

The 6th International Colloquium on Historical earthquakes & paleoseismology studies will be held from 24-25 October, 2018, in Han-sur-Lesse (Belgium). The meeting will focus on the contribution of paleoseismology/hist. seismology studies to the knowledge of the long-term seismic activity and to seismic hazard assessment.

On 26 October, 2018, a field trip will lead to the Han-sur-Lesse and Rochefort caves. The meeting will be organised by the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

The colloquium is the 6th of a series that began in 2013 in Paris with the colloquium “Macroseismicity: sharing and use of historical data”. The main topics are: historical earthquakes, macroseismology, archeoseismology, paleoseismology, earthquake catalogues and databases, active faults, seismotectonics, neotectonics, and their contribution to the knowledge of seismic hazard and a better understanding of the long term seismic activity. A specific session will be devoted to earthquake effects in caves.
Information/Contact: Thierry Camelbeeck (thierry.camelbeeck@oma.be)

Download the first circular here.

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