Where on GoogleEarth? WoGE #294

FelixWoGE #293 led us to a giant dune field in northern Namibia, adding one more location to my where-I-need-to-go-list. The dunes stretch over hundreds of kilometers across southern Africa, which made it not too easy to find the actual spot. Luckily, I came across Heike’s thesis. Felix asked me to show some evidence for tsunamis in the Mediterranean in the next round, so find out whether I did or not. Should be rather easy.The rules are simple: Find the location on the image below, provide coordinates and a brief description of the geological feature in the comments. I do invoke the Schott rule (you need to wait for 60 minutes for every previous win), but limited to max. 48 hours. Posting time is 28 June, 16:04 UTC.The winner earns all the glory and the honour to host the next geological WoGE on her or his (geo)blog.

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  1. Well, you did not show evidence for tsunamis in the Mediterranean – you showed Lusi, the mud volcano! Also known as the Sidoarjo mud flow, this spot can be found here:

    7°30’53.11″S, 112°39’12.52″E

    Erupting since 2006, it has been in discussion wether a blowout at a nearby drilling site (most likely) or a distant earthquake (drilling company’s approach) triggered the event. Over 30000 people had to search for an new home.

    See also:
    RJ Davies et al. (2008): The East Java mud volcano (2006 to present): An earthquake or drilling trigger? Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 272, Issues 3-4, 15 August 2008, Pages 627-638.

    The next WoGE will be posted soon!

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