What’s up? The Friday links (18)

Earthquake prediction again: The former president of India, Abdul Kalam, said earthquake prediction will be possible within 10 years. It would be great if he was right, but he isn’t. Why do people continue to say that? There are so many that “predict” earthquakes, and so many people relying on them. What a pity…

A great article came up in the LA Times. Claire Berlinski wrote about earthquakes and politics. Must read!

Nature had a nice story about the uncharted seismic risk.

The actual WoGE (Where on Google Earth quiz) #304 is hosted here and yet unsolved. Will you manage to find the spot?

NASA scientists again claim they have evidence for water on mars! Great news:

Dave had a great series of articles in his landslide blog. In three parts he discussed rockfalls that occurred during the Christchurch eartqhuakes.

The most beautiful images these days came from Hawai’i. The Pu`u O`o Crater floor collapsed and a spectacular lava flow was visible:


The website of the Hawai’ian Volcano Observatory (HVO) is always worth a visit. They have great webcams and nice images.

Enjoy the videos and have a nice weekend!

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