Video on geological and geophysical field work in Greece – The dirt people reloaded

I have made a video of our fieldwork in Greece, because I guess somehow we must communicate to the public what our work is about. Also, we must encourage young people to study geosciences. Well, now I concentrated on the second task: Hey, clever young people out there! Do you like science? Do you like nature? Are you interested in the big questions like “Where does this rock come from? When will the next earthquake happen? Where can I find groundwater? Why do volcanoes erupt? Which coast is threatened by Tsunamis?” Do you like to travel abroad, to work hard and to still have fun in the evenings? Do you want to meet nice people? If you answered “yes” to at least one of the above, think about studying geoscience.

Fallen columns at Ancient Olympia - does there hide an earthquake somewhere in the archaeological record?

This video was made in March 2012 in Greece, close to Ancient Olympia. A director’s cut with bonus stuff will follow maybe.

Since I am currently in Oman for teaching Geophysics to the great and curious students of GUTech‘s Applied Geoscience Programme, I need to mention that there is another video on fieldwork in Oman…

Happy Holidays everyone!

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