Stuff to read: New literature on paleoseismology and active tectonics

Is it just me or is the frequency of papers being published increasing…? Anyway, here’s the literature update with studies on paleoseismology and active tectonics. Today we have: Faulting in the Canyonlands, seismites from the Jurassic, a fake earthquake in Cologne, dynamic triggering, news from the San Jacinto Fault, ground motion variation between repeating earthquakes, metrics to evaluate seismic hazard maps, submarine tectonic geomorphology, the 1897 Great Assam Earthquake, and a collection of papers on geophysical imaging and interpretation of outcrops. Enjoy!

Also, the journal Interpretation published a Special section on Geophysical imaging and interpretation of outcrops which has some interesting papers.

As always: If you notice that some interesting stuff is missing, please let us know!

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