Searching for Records of Past Earthquakes Under Water

In its latest issue, EOS reports on the European Science Foundation conference “Submarine Paleoseismology – The Offshore Search of Large Holocene Earthquakes” which was held in Obergurgl, Austria from 11-16 September 2010.

“The 4-day- long meeting brought together scientists engaged in interdisciplinary research from paleoseismology and marine science. Sixty-six participants from 21 countries attended the conference, which took place at the Innsbruck University Centre, in Austria. The conference consisted of three main parts:

(1) new techniques and results for on-fault and off-fault investigations, which summarized the most advanced marine methods for mapping, imaging, and dating underwater paleoseismic events;

(2) case studies from different active tectonic continental margins, such as subduction zones, and from lakes or coastal environments that monitor tectonic systems; and

(3) the contributions of marine and lake paleoseismology to seismic hazard assessment.”

Read the article Pantosti et al_Searching Records of Past EQs under water_EOS-2011 (thanks to Daniela Pantosti and Eulàlia Gràcia!).

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