Primary Fault – Science meets fiction, geophysics meet fantasy

It’s holiday season, and many avid readers might need an advice on new books. Here’s one for the earthquake community: Primary Fault by Sharon Kae Reamer. The title reminds you of geology? This is no coincidence. The author reminds you of geology? Right! Sharon Kae Reamer is a seismologist, currently working at the seismological observatory of Cologne University. You probably know her work when you are into archaeoseismology, seismicity in Germany, or seismotectonics. Now she has published her first novel, and seismology does play a role. Not only for the characters, but also for what is referred to as Geological Setting in papers. The novel brings together science, fiction, fantasy – “a tale of seismology, Druids, and an evil blonde“.

Did you already read it? What do you think?

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