Organization of the Corinth 2011 conference

Deformed walls in DelphiOrganization

The Corinth 2011 conference will be organized by Ioannis D. Papanikolaou (Agricultural Univ. of Athens, Greece; Aon-Benfield Hazard Research Centre, UCL, UK), Klaus Reicherter (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), Andreas Vött (Univ. of Mainz, Germany) and Pablo G. Silva (Univ. of Salamanca, Avila, Spain).

Organization Committee

T. Fernández-Steeger (GER), M. Foumelis (GRE), C. Grützner (GER), A. Kontari (GRE), W. Kraus (GER), E. Lekkas (GRE), D. Papanikolaou (GRE), G. Papathanassiou (GRE), R. Pérez-López (ESP), G. Roberts (UK), M. Rodríguez Pascua (ESP),  M. Sintubin (BEL), E. Vassilakis (GRE), T. Wiatr (GER)

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