Morelia2012 workshop – images

After the great reports of Raúl and Pedro from the fieldtrip, I just want to say thank you to the organizers again. I also want to share a few photos. See you all in Aachen, 2013!


Morelia Historic City Center
The church ist the only building to have more or less survived the Paricutin lava flow from the middle of the 20th Century
Paricutin volcano
The Acambay fault crops out close to the village
Remembering the 1912 Acambay Earthquake
Dressing nicely for the commemoration
Pedro giving an interview to the Mexican press
The feast in Acambay
Our first bus
Maria introduces to the local geology
Late night trenching
Approaching the first scientific sessions
Opening Ceremony
Angela on her trenches in Central Asia
Afternoon session in the University Cultural Centre
Antiseismic measures in Morelia?
A really cool car
Poster session
The Organization team – thanks!
Music everywhere


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