INQUA grants for the 2nd World Landslide Forum – Session on Seismically induced landslides and seismic landslide hazard analysis

Dear Colleagues,
we would like to invite you to participate to the session “Seismically induced landslides and seismic landslide hazard analysis” (conveners: Ed Harp, Hideaki Marui and Luca Guerrieri) at the Second World Landslide Forum that will be held at FAO headquater, Rome, Italy, 3-9 October 2011. Deadline for abstract submission is 15 March 2011.

Session description:
Landslides triggered by earthquakes have often been considered secondary effects of the earthquake. However, they have been the sources of much or most of the loss to people and property in many earthquakes, especially the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in the Sichuan Province of China. The recognition of the importance and impact of seismically induced landslides in recent years has led to markedly increased efforts to document and analyze landslide distributions triggered by earthquakes and to use analyses for the purposes of seismic landslide hazard reduction. The interrelationships of earthquake-induced landslides to slope, geology, fault-source parameters, strong-shaking patterns, and distance from fault source/epicenter have been the focus of increasing study with the advent of high-resolution remote sensing data, increased seismic network density, and advances in geospatial analysis (GIS) techniques. This session invites papers on all aspects of seismically induced landslides including regional or site specific studies.

INQUA TERPRO SubCommssion on Paleoseismicity is willing to sponsor this session with grants, partially supporting the participation of post-graduate students, young scientists, and scientists from low GDP countries to the WLF2. We will later publish more detailed information about it including the procedure for grant application. Nevertheless, people interested in applying for grants must firstly submit an abstract to this session by 15 March.

Contact: Luca Guerrieri (luca.guerrieri@isprambiente.it)

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Christoph Grützner

Christoph Grützner

works at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge. He likes Central Asia and the Mediterranean and is looking for ancient earthquakes.

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  • Nurtaev | August 3, 2011|09:04 (UTC)

    We presented the paper 756: Rustam Niyazov(1), Bakhtiar Nurtaev(2)
    Modern seismogenic landslides caused by the Pamir – Hindu Kush earthquakes and their consequences in Central Asia.
    We will be very much obliged if you can provide partial support for the Forum.
    With best regrds, Bakhtiar Nurtaev

  • Christoph Grützner | August 3, 2011|09:17 (UTC)

    Where did you present it or do you want to present it in October?

  • Nurtaev | August 19, 2011|04:47 (UTC)

    We intend to present it in WLF2.

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