Field work image of the day: Broken stalagmites indicating earthquake activity

Todays field work image is again by Elisa Kagan and shows a damaged stalagmite in the Soreq Cave near Jerusalem. Damaged stalagmites were used to reconstruct earthquake recurrence intervals.

Younger stalagmite capping an older damaged stalagmite in Soreq Cave, near Jerusalem. Recurrence intervals of large earthquakes have been reconstructed by dating of more than fifty fallen and damaged speleoseismites. (Kagan et al., Geology, 2005)


KAGAN, E.J., AGNON, A., BAR-MATTHEWS, M., AYALON, A., 2005. Dating large, infrequent earthquakes by damaged cave deposits. Geology, v. 33; no. 4; p. 261-264.

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