7th PATA Days, Crestone, CO, 30 May – 03 June, 2016

Dear friends and colleagues,

The 7th International Workshop on Paleoseismology, Active Tectonics, and Archaeoseismology (PATA Days) will be held in the USA from 30 May – 03 June, 2016. The workshop is sponsored by the INQUA-TERPRO Commission and mainly organized by James McCalpin. The workshop includes several excursions and we welcome presentations on a broad list of topics related to seismic hazards and active tectonics: Continue reading “7th PATA Days, Crestone, CO, 30 May – 03 June, 2016”

My top ten list of earthquake blogs

I am running this blog for more than five years now and it is time to acknowledge the other geo-blogs out there that have inspired me. In order to stay updated I follow the Geobulletin, which monitors the geoblogosphere activity. There are numerous amazing blogs out there that are either fun to read or interesting or both, but here I will focus on the ones dealing with earthquakes/tectonics/geomorphology/tsunamis. Here is my personal, subjective, but honest, list of earthquake blogs that I like and read: Continue reading “My top ten list of earthquake blogs”

8th International Symposium on Eastern Mediterranean Geology in Mugla/Turkey

In this week the 8th International Symposium on Eastern Mediterranean Geology started in Mugla/Turkey, our colleague Ersen Aksoy is one of the major organizers together with his colleagues and teams from the Mulga University, many sessions with interesting talks are scheduled, the programme lists many interesting talks on paleoseismology of the Aegean area and Turkey, and the Levant area. Yesterday, the meeting strated with keynotes from Celal Sengör (on the eastern Mediterranean tectonic framework and deformation history) and Iain Stewart (on: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Communicating Geology to Society). Then the individual scientific sessions started with presentations on….

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The paleoseismicity newsletter

Beside the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + channels, paleoseismicity.org now also provides a newsletter service.

By subscribing to this newsletter you will find approximately every 4 weeks a condensed overview of everything what happened on the blog, what we shared on Facebook or Google +, about our favorite Tweets and everything what happens in the world of seismology and beyond.

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Nice videoblog on geology (in Spanish) – Un geólogo en apuros

While the majority of geoscience blogs is in English, I personally have the feeling that Spanish must be the second most popular language in the geoblogosphere. Videoblogs are not so numerous, but there are some really good ones out there. Nahúm Méndez Chazarra‘s Un geólogo en apuros (A geologist in trouble) is one of them. He writes ‘normal’ blog posts, but also produces nice videos. Nahum mainly blogs about earthquakes, geology in general, the geology of the Iberian Peninsula, and geoscience education. Make sure to check out his latest piece on Folklore geológico in which he informs about the cultural perception of earthquakes in Spain. Continue reading “Nice videoblog on geology (in Spanish) – Un geólogo en apuros”