Accretionary Wedge #58: Signs! (This sign is a sign, isn’t it?)

Following Evelyn’s call for geological/geographical/funny signs in the field, I post some nice ones that I came across during the last years. Check out the Accretionary Wedge #58 for more signs! Albania-Macedonia (FYROM)-Greece border region:

This sign says: “Attention, don’t put signs here. All signs will be shot.”

Sur, Oman:

Sciece does matter!


A classic one, but it was so true. Beware of guys with shotguns.

Elsinore fault, California:

Into the wild!

Laguna salada fault, Mexico:

Sometimes the job as a paleoseismologist is so easy!


A very clear message.

Thuringia, Germany:

This sign is clearly located at the wrong place.


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