2nd day of the Corinth2011 meeting

9:00 The second day started with a great keynote, Chris Scholz talked about earthquake triggering and fault synchronization with examples from California and Iceland.

09:45 Next great keynote: Clark Burchfiel on the Wenchuan EQ!

10:30 Gerald Roberts claims we still need to find a way for predicting earthquakes, supported by examples from Italy

12:00 Beverly Goodman-Tchernov talked about tsunami sediments and why they are often difficult to be found.

Cruising through the Corinth Canal. Full of faults...

15:00 Yoshihiro Kinugasa reported in his keynote on the Tohoku M9.0 earthquake. Scary.

18:30 Leaving for a boat cruise through the Corinth Canal – great! Just why must it start raining now?

21:00 Boat trip was great! Who cares about rain?

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