Deadline for the Colloquium on Historical EQs in the Rhine Graben postponed to 3 April

Strasbourg : "La Petite France"

Good news for the late birds – the abstracts deadline for the Colloquium on “Historical Earthquakes of the Rhine Graben and Interplate – Intraplate Continental Deformation: From archives to comparative seismotectonics” has been postponed to 3 April.

The meeting will be held from 11-13 May 2015 in Strasbourg (Inst. de Physique du Globe). The second circular is out with more details on the programme, download the PDF here.

Submarine Paleoseismology Workshop at ETH Zurich, 16-18 July 2015

From 16-18 July, 2015, an interesting workshop will be held at ETH Zurich (Switzerland): Submarine Paleoseismology – Using giant piston coring within IODP to fill the gap in long-term records of great earthquakes.

Michael Strasser, one of the main organizer, names the aims of the workshop: “The main topic of the workshop is to discuss and define a strategy how and where we could best make use of giant piston coring efforts within the Integrated Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) to make some major advancements in submarine paleoseismology to constrain earthquake recurrence beyond historical times.Continue reading “Submarine Paleoseismology Workshop at ETH Zurich, 16-18 July 2015”

Tectonics from above – RAS discussion meeting

Last Friday the RAS held a discussion meeting on Tectonics from Above: Recent Advances in the Use of High-resolution Topography and Imagery in London. Almost the entire Cambridge Tectonics Group went there and I absolutely enjoyed the meeting and the discussion with friends and colleagues mainly from the UK and from France. The speakers reported on open-source software for producing high-res DEMs, advances in aerial and satellite imagery, new techniques in remote sensing, and latest developments in fault/offset mapping. The meeting was supported by NERC, COMET+ and LICS. Continue reading “Tectonics from above – RAS discussion meeting”

Remembering the 1945 Makran Tsunami – Free book: interviews with survivors

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Makran Earthquake and Tsunami. On 27 November, 1945, an earthquake of magnitude Mw8.1 occurred at the Makran Subduction Zone offshore Pakistan. A large tsunami was triggered that reached the coasts of Pakistan, Iran, India, and Oman. The quake and the waves left approx. 4,000 people dead. A new book collects interviews with survivors. The book has been published by the UNESCO through its Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and is available for free download here. Continue reading “Remembering the 1945 Makran Tsunami – Free book: interviews with survivors”

A new Nuclear Power Plant near Karachi

Tsunami boulder deposits in Oman

Karachi is the most populated city in Pakistan with around 24,000,000 inhabitants – just as many as Australia. Since many years a nuclear power plant (NPP) is located just a few miles outside the city at the shore. Ongoing work on new reactors with Chinese help has recently sparked outrage and media coverage. Concerns are that any accidents at the NPP might have dramatic consequences and threaten millions of people. I searched the recent scientific literature on seismic and tsunami hazard for Karachi…

Continue reading “A new Nuclear Power Plant near Karachi”

Mw4.4 earthquake in the Fucino Basin

On 28 February, an earthquake of MW4.4 occurred in the Fucino Basin in Central Italy. The event did not cause any damage and was not widely felt. Such an earthquake is nothing special for this area, but it’s interesting because from 19-24 April the 6th INQUA meeting on paleoseismology will be held in Pescina. The conference will bring together scientists from all around the world to discuss latest developments in active tectonics, paleoseismology and similar topics, and its date and location were chosen to commemorate the devastating Fucino earthquake of 1915. This quake left more than 33,000 people dead and was one of the largest earthquakes to hit the Mediterranean in modern history. It was also subject to a number of paleoseismological studies (see links below). Continue reading “Mw4.4 earthquake in the Fucino Basin”