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  • New book: Intraplate Earthquakes

    Intraplate earthquakes are those that occur far away from plate boundaries in what is often also referred to as slowly deforming regions or stable continental regions (SCR). Seismicity there is comparably low and earthquake recurrence intervals can easily exceed thousands of years for individual faults. However, intraplate quakes do account for a significant number of earthquake fatalities and killed more people than those that happened at plate boundaries during the last 100 years (England & Jackson , 2011). A new book has been published a few days ago, dedicated to summarizing our knowledge of these seismic events.  more

  • More papers on paleoseismology and active tectonics out now

    It’s not been long since I’ve listed some recent paleoseismology papers, but it seems like it’s publishing season. So here is more stuff to read during the holidays… more

  • relaunched

    Dear friends of,

    we have relaunched our website a few days ago and I am very, very happy! Martin did a great job and basically built everything from scratch. The old website had grown over the years and became more and more complicated as we added new features every now and then. So we decided it’s time for something new and – voilà. more

  • The paleoseismicity newsletter

    Beside the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + channels, now also provides a newsletter service.

    By subscribing to this newsletter you will find approximately every 4 weeks a condensed overview of everything what happened on the blog, what we shared on Facebook or Google +, about our favorite Tweets and everything what happens in the world of seismology and beyond.

    For subscribing  just click here or enter your email address on the right and you will get a confirmation email in a few seconds. After clicking the confirmation link everything is done. more

  • New book on Earthquakes and Coseismic Surface Faulting in Iran

    A new book on paleoseismology, archaeoseismology and earthquakes on the Iranian Plateau has been published in the Developments in Earth Surface Processes series. Volume 17 is dedicated to Earthquakes and Coseismic Surface Faulting on the Iranian Plateau A Historical, Social and Physical Approach, and it is authored by Manuel Berberian. The book not only covers physical processes related to earthquakes in Iran like coseismic offsets, archaeoseismological effects, and geomorphological evidence, but its first part is all about Earthquake Hazard Warning in Oral Tradition and Literature on the Iranian Plateau. The volume comes with a foreword by Robert Yeats and Roger Bilham. Table of contents:



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