Doctoral Research Fellowship, Utah State University

Presidential Doctoral Research Fellowship, Dept. of Geology, Utah State University

The Department of Geology at Utah State University invites applications for a Presidential Doctoral Research Fellowship starting during the 2014-2105 academic year. This 4-year PhD fellowship will pay all tuition and a stipend of ~$20,000/year. Collaborative research will integrate fieldwork and a variety of geochemical and geo- and thermochronologic techniques to understanding processes in brittle fault zones and continental tectonics. Continue reading “Doctoral Research Fellowship, Utah State University”

Where on GoogleEarth? WoGE#414

It’s more than a year that I haven’t solved a WoGE (Where on GoogleEarth?), but I came across Ron’s latest quiz and found it quite fast to my own surprise. He had a very unusual location – a seamount off the island of Oahu that turned out to be no volcano but part of a giant landslide instead. Beautiful spot, great story.

Now I have the honour of hosting WoGE #414, and here it is: Continue reading “Where on GoogleEarth? WoGE#414”

Paleoseismicity t-shirts for sale!

Good news for every paleoseismologist who still needs a Christmas present: You can buy a nice black t-shirt! Or two. Or three. Well, they might not arrive on time when you live outside the EU… However, we have black shirts with our logo in three different colors – white, blue, and orange. Available sizes are M, L, and XL (no size S left, sorry, but the M is rather small). If you are interested, drop a mail to and ask for prices and shipping costs. I will ship them as soon as possible! Continue reading “Paleoseismicity t-shirts for sale!”

Paleoearthquakes identified in W Nepal – seismic hazard higher than expected?

An interesting paper has been published in Nature Geoscience by Murphy et al.: Limit of strain partitioning in the Himalaya marked by large earthquakes in western Nepal. It doesn’t happen too often that paleoseismological papers are published in this journal and it’s also not too often that authors publish such beautiful photos. The authors identified a more than 60 km long rupture in W Nepal with 10 m of surface offset (strike-slip with a normal component). 14C dating points to seismic activity between AD 1165 and 1400. That’s pretty surprising for many reasons: Continue reading “Paleoearthquakes identified in W Nepal – seismic hazard higher than expected?”

Sessions paleoseismologists might like at EGU2014

The EGU2014 will take place from 27 April – 2 May, 2014 in Vienna, Austria. The call for abstracts is open and submission deadline is 16 January, 2014. So it’s time to start thinking about which sessions would be interesting – not only for presenting own work, but also for listening to great talks. Here’s a list of sessions that a paleoseismologist could find interesting: Continue reading “Sessions paleoseismologists might like at EGU2014”

An informal meeting/workshop on paleoseismology of NW Europe in Utrecht, 9 January 2014

Paleoseismologists from northern Central Europe are meeting regularly for discussions, usually twice a year, and the next small workshop will take place in Utrecht on 9 January, 2014. The one-day meeting is dedicated to present latest results of ongoing research on active faults in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany (intraplate seismicity). Participants from the Geological Survey of North Rhine-Westphalia, the VU Amsterdam, TuDelft, ULG Liége, the Royal Observatory of Belgium, TNO-GDN Utrecht and RWTH Aachen University will discuss the possibilities of joint projects and collect ideas on how to proceed with ongoing studies.
Continue reading “An informal meeting/workshop on paleoseismology of NW Europe in Utrecht, 9 January 2014”